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Class: OperationalConfiguration

Documentation: Operational Configuration is the most detailed unit of technological knowledge. It is the full description of the inputs and outputs of a black-box technology. Operational state is the collection of specific OperationalTuples that fully describes the TechnologicalState. Usually the description of if comes from the literature, but in some case it can also be calculated through first pricinples models, optimization calculations etc. OperationalState is the actual description of the function of a Technology. It fully specifies the types and quantities of flows entering and leaving the black-box of technology. It is of paramount importance that ALL operational states are energy and mass balanced !

Instances (24)

Template Slots
  Slot Name Documentation Type Cardinality Min/Max
label This is the name that the modeller gives to an Object String 0:1  
observer   Agent 0:1  
operationalInputs   ComponentTuple 1:*  
operationalOutputs   ComponentTuple 1:*  

Own Slots
  Slot Name Value
  1. agricultureWaste
  2. biofuelCHP
  3. biomassFermentation
  4. biomassGasification
  5. blend_normal
  6. coldSource
  7. dungGasification
  8. freshwoodCHP
  9. methanolProduction
  10. municipalWaste
  11. normal
  12. pelletProduction
  13. pelletsCHP
  14. rapeSeed
  15. rapeSeedOil
  16. SNGproduction
  17. StoringAndSupplying
  18. sugarBeetPulpFermentation
  19. syntethicDiesel
  20. testOperationalConfiguration
  21. wasteFermentation
  22. wasteOils
  23. woodChipsProduction
  24. woodMaterialProduction

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